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Wednesday 22 May 2019 - Download Flyer Here

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Season Review and Repro update - 10.30 to 1pm

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Wednesday 27 March 2019 - Download Flyer Here

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DairyNZ GHG Partner Farm Project launch 10am-12pm


Wednesday 21 November 2018

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87 attendees heard about a World Markets update from Westpac Economist Anne Boniface.

The information discussed is in the Westpac Fortnightly Agri-update.  Impacts of global demand and supply, what's really happening plus the impact and potential changes in the strength of the kiwi dollar.

Maximising Summer Performance was discussed in a Workshop session sharing ideas on tactics and trigger points to hit key targets.  
the topics for consideration involved:

  1. How do you deploy your supplementary feeds over the next 4 months - what factors need to be considered, e.g. setting aside silage for spring and winter, and keeping some for the Autumn rains.  How much PKE can be fed and still manage your FEI, how does this change your approach to feeding?
  2. What do you do about rotation length?  Great discussion around when to extend it, what a good target is, and the need to be flexible in response to changing pasture growth.
  3. When would you use OAD on the farm, for all or part of the herd and how do you manage the process?
  4. Lastly, the theme through all of the topics was around flexibility and monitoring.  Growth rates will have an impact on most of the decisions above, and we need to remain flexible with all of the topics ot ahcieve a great outcome.  Starting with a plan of what we expect growth to be will help us easily identify if we are off track.

Current Season Update 
Less cows are making more milk, 94% of the herd submitted in 3 weeks of AB, 4 times last year’s spring silage made. 
Holding cows over 2kgMS/cow/day has been a standout highlight of the season with less brought0in feed used to achieve this. 
Having strong decision rules around how we wanted to oerate the farm was a key to seeing these results.

Key decision rules Sep - Oct

Keep pre-graze under 3,000kgDM/ha

Area grazed constant around 6.5ha/day. 17-22 day round of area available to graze

Back the farm to grow – put the surplus in the stack

Focus on next round quality – cows must work to graze to 1600 or less.

Mower fixes any allocation errors where residuals were higher

Wednesday 19 September 2018

Download Focus Day booklet here

76 attendees heard about our 2019:
Season so far: People, Profit, Production
Body condition score of individual cows and the benefits of doing monthly,
Mating plans - ALL AB for the 2018 mating season and how to manage the risks.


Wednesday 23 May 2018

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92 attendees heard about 2018 in review:
 Season Round up: People, Profit, Production
 Fertiliser Focus: Feeding the engine room of our farm,
 Planting Plantain: What have we learned?
 Healthy Rivers: What does Variation 1 mean for us?


Wednesday 21 March 2018

Download Focus Day handout here

68 Attendees heard about:

Where we’ve been:
Seasonal update on performance and the summer of endless rain

Where we’re going:
Time to hear about the two viable Farm systems we have found for Owl Farm’s Future and how they:

Reduce our N leaching by over 20%,
Continue to improve farm operating profit, and
Keep focus on people, safety and animal welfare



Public Open Day

Saturday 9 March 2019 9.15am - 1pm

A day on the farm with lots of activities for you to experience.

Download flyer here: Open Day flyer
• Explore the ways we are working to protect the environment;
• Everyone can change water quality! Join our Community planting event,
help us grow plants to protect waterways.
• Meet our cows and some really friendly calves.
• See cows being milked throughout the day.
• See what it takes to prepare a gourmet meal for cows
Plus loads more...
Free sausage sizzle and ice-creams
Coffee available to purchase
This day promises to be fun for the whole family so chuck on your gummies andgummies and
come along for what will be an awesome day down on the farm.

 Public Open Day Saturday 10 March 2018 

Free attendance and fun for the whole family to explore our Farm Open Day Flyer





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